• Reviewed by: ssechman  on: 06/09/2013
    I ordered general tsos and it was so hard I couldn't even bite into it. It was disgusting. Disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: 4dobes  on: 08/11/2012
    Hi. Good day. I had called earlier tonight about placing an order for tomorrow, I called from 570-969-6060, I was requesting a menu an was very politely informed of your website and how to order from there.I went there and was checking the menu and ordered approximately $130. When I tried to checkout I wasn't able to. The website page was not able to go to the bottom to click on "checkout".I have visited your place many times in the past and in recent times have become disabled, this was my first attempt at ordering for a delivery.Thank you and I appreciate any help that you can
  • Reviewed by: heros0317  on: 15/07/2012
    I am a cook by trade and have tasted many Chinese foods across the country. I can honestly say that China King is the best on the East Coast.
  • Reviewed by: Shamrocksaint21  on: 14/07/2012
    Best Chineese in NEPA, great service, great food, great prices and very fast delivery. I was never unsatisfied with any meal, would strongly recomend to anyone.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 15/01/2009
    Good lo mein, fast and friendly delivery man. Hard to understand the phone conversation that takes place, but for the reasonable price it is worth the hassle. ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 15/01/2009
    Great fast delivery and perfect for when you want a quiet night in and don't feel like cooking. Certainly one of the first menus I grab when I went take out. I would definitely recommend it. ...?
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